When you list your home for sale it is important to make your home ready.

Clean, clean, clean! A house that sparkles is one that potential buyers will remember when reviewing their short list. Wash your windows, add new caulking to showers and sinks, replace worn rugs. Basically give the whole house a once-over 'spring' cleaning until it shines. Don`t neglect the outside. Consider pressure washing the exterior. P.S. Look up at your ceiling fans… are they dusty?

Get rid of clutter. Rid the home of items that you don`t need. Pack away knickknacks, books, unused toys and other non-essential items in totes or boxes in the garage. Clean out and organize closets and pantries. You`ll not only make the space look more inviting, you`ll already have a jump start on packing!

Make small repairs. Minor repairs now can make the home seem more welcoming and less of a headache for buyers. Besides, if your home maintenance is so poor that you can`t fix a leaky faucet the buyer is likely to think that there may be more serious problems lurking.​​​

 To sell your home! 

 Getting Ready